Sniff sniff

I had a problem today with one of our FTP servers… We have a client that has an automated process set up that uploads data to our server, which is then processed by us.

I had to recreate the account used for this, but then realised I didn’t know the original password, and getting the client to find it wouldn’t be an easy option!

After a bit of digging for a packet sniffer, I came accross Smartsniff and was instantly impressed!

In action

It’s one of those tools that you can pick up and start using right away, without having to spend ages installing dependancies or figuring it out, and it’s just a single exe, so very portable. I also really like the fact that it assembles certain TCP communications into a readable conversation (See above) – very easy to recover a saved FTP password that you don’t know!

Get it from, along with a whole stack of other neat tools!

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