VISTA Remote server administrations tools (RSAT)

In previous versions of Windows, we could install the Windows Server 2003 administration/management tools in order to perform administration tasks on remote servers from your workstation. With Vista these tools kind of install, but don’t fully work. Luckily with Vista SP1 Remote server administration tools (RSAT) is now available as a MS download.

RSAT – 32-Bit version (KB941314)
RSAT – 64-Bit version (KB941314)

Once installed, you won’t see anything new on your system… All the installer does is add some new entries in the windows features list. To fully enable them goto ‘Control panel’ > ‘Programs and features’ > ‘Turn windows features on or off’… You should hopefully see an entry in here that you can tick to install them.

I don’t understand why the isntaller doesn’t just automatically turn the feature on if you’re installing it anyway, but it doesn’t bother me that much – it’s not like i’m rolling this out to hundreds of users!

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