Create your own custom Admin Tools snap-in

Ever get tired of having seperate windows for Active Directory, DHCP, Group Policy etc etc???

Sick of trawling through Administrative Tools & browsing to your Company website/intranet???

This post details how to create your own custom Admin Toolbar complete with snap-ins that will manage a wide array of your day to day IT administrative duties. You can even embed frequently visitied URL’s such as your Spam filter.

Step 1:

Go to Start>Run>mmc.exe

This opens a blank Windows management console that is ready to be customized

Step 2:

Click File>Add/Remove Snap-in

You can now add items to view on your toolbar I tend to add my frequently accessed stuff rather that everything from Admin Tools as this defeats the point.

Step 3:

Click File>Save As MyAdminPack.msc

I tend to add the file into my Startup folder so it launches first thing in the morning and leave it open throughout the day then there is no need to go trawling through menus each time you want to use Active Directory or check your Spam filter

You will find that this tool saves a lot of time through the day – why not email your Admin Pack to the rest of your IT department so you can all use it?!


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