Vista program files weirdness

I came across a peculiar issue today with Lotus Notes 7, running on my newish Vista system, I was doing some c# development with the Notes COM objects, but was having some trouble, and needed to edit my notes.ini file to try and fix something.

The peculiar part was that in my program files directory, there was a notes.ini file – but with no real config in it, only a few lines – this files usually full of stuff! I also couldn’t see my ID file in the notes data directory when using explorer, but Notes could see it and access it fine!

After a bit of Googling, it turned out it was Vista redirecting application write access to the program files folder to “C:\Users\ %USERNAME% \AppData\Local\VirtualStore’. When the app reads from the program files folder it sees a merged version of the real program files folder and the users VirtualStore, so in essence forces apps to support multi users by the looks of it.

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