Altiris inventory solution not logging all exes

When creating a some system inventory groups in Altiris, I noticed that it didn’t seem to be collecting information for certain exe’s that had been deployed onto the system.

After a bit of reading, I found out the the software audit scan can run in two modes… Package and file mode. In package mode, it only reports on a single exe from each package, which makes reporting faster and keeps your Altiris database much smaller. This is what runs from a vanilla installation. The second type of can is file scan, where every exe is audited, you can set this by editing ‘AeXInvSolnAdm2.ini ‘ in the NSCap folder to run the following:

AeXAuditPls.exe /file /hidden /output xml

You’ll have to wait a day or two for all your systems to re-run the inventory, but after you should be able to report on alot more!

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