Using get and set methods with C#

I’ve always wondered when looking at C# what get and set methods are used for.  In basic terms I found that the get and set method was mainly for reading (get) or writing (set) a property.  After scratching my head for some time, I tried to give it a go as I have problems setting a string to a particular value within one of my C# projects.

I setup another class within my project called “tgtNotes”, which would contain my get and set:

class tgtNotesJK
private string LocNotes = null;
public string NotesLoc
return LocNotes;
LocNotes = value;

I then thought, “surely it’s not that easy”!  I then went back to the code on the form, and defined the class within the code for button1:

tgtNotesJK notestgt = new tgtNotesJK();

Getting and setting is really easy.  To set a value:

notesgt.NotesLoc = "Some text";

And to get the value for example:


Another great benefit of this is that you will be able to access the methods from anywhere within the C# project.  So because I ‘setted’ a value within button1, will mean for example that I can still access the value within other parts (for example button2).

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