Moving DHCP from a 2003 server to a new 2008 server

Super quick way to move DHCP onto a new server…

On the old server:
netsh dhcp server export \\server\share\dhcpConfig.dat all
net stop “dhcp server”
sc config dhcpserver start=disabled

On the new server:
Install DHCP role
netsh dhcp server import \\server\share\dhcpConfig.dat all
net stop “dhcp server”
net start “dhcp server”

Goto DHCP management tool on the new server and double check the new server is authorised, right click and authorise if it isn’t! Also, don’t forget to properly uninstall the old DHCP server service using add remove windows components, so that it cleans up active directory and it doesn’t remain as an authorised server when the box is fully decomissioned!

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