Unsolicited Remote Assistance and UAC

I’ve always liked the idea of using unsolicited remote assistance to support users, as it’s already built in to Windows, so no need for 3rd party software and additional costs. The downside was it’s inability to handle UAC prompts very well (Which are pretty inevitable if you’re having to use remote assistance to help someone to do anything moderately taxing!).

When you offer remote assistance to a users system, they have a checkbox option of letting you respond to UAC prompts, but that would then require them to provide admin credentials, which is a no-goer. The other situation that is often encountered, is the UAC prompt causing a black screen with a pause icon/symbol to the remote user – another show stopper!

There is however, a simple fix that will allow the UAC prompts to be show to the remote user! You’ll need to use a GPO to force the following security setting: User Account Control: Allow UIAccess applications to prompt for elevation without using the secure desktop

Once this is done, unsolicited remote assistance becomes a very useful tool!

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