Who’s turn is it to make the brews? And who want’s one?

Introducing… NetworkBrewSelector!

It’s a small standalone exe system tray app that, coordinates brew round management in your office. It works in a peer to peer (P2P) manner, by using broadcast traffic on your network – So no server connection is required. The only requirement is that it can listen out on UDP port 11600.

When the cup is green, no round is in progress – double click to start one. Everyone in your team will get a baloon notification to them them know a round has started. The cup icon on all systems will turn orange – members of your group and double click the orange cup to join in the round. After 30 seconds have elapsed the app will randomly pick someone to make the brew round!

Upon first launch, you’ll be asked for a group name – this is simply so that multiple groups or rooms can use NetworkBrewSelector without interfering with each other!

Download – (354k)

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  • mitch commented on June 3, 2013

    New version is good! :-)

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